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Thailand, Doi Suan Ya Luang, Nan, Arabica G1

Thailand, Doi Suan Ya Luang, Nan, Arabica G1

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Roast profile: Light medium

Cane Sugar | Cashews | Orange Peel Aftertaste

Country: Thailand
Region: Nan Province, Doi Suan Ya Luang
Variety: Catimor
Processing: Semi-washed, Sun-dried for 14 days

Doi Suan Ya Luang is situated in Nan Province. The majority of coffee grown here is Arabica with a large cultivation area of about 5,000 rai (1,975 acres). Coffee growing here has been a tradition and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Many years ago, Doi Suan Ya Luang used to be one of the largest opium growing areas in Thailand. However with the efforts of Rama IX, His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his Royal Project, coffee growing is now the main income of villagers in areas all around Nan. Grown at an altitude of 1000-1350 m.a.s.l.