Kenya AA Plus Mountain

Kenya AA Plus Mountain

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Chocolate | Spices | Dried Fruit

Roast profile: Light medium (Level 3/5)
Acidity: Level 4/5
Country: Kenya AA
Region: Mt. Kenya
Variety: SL 14,18
Processing: Washed
Weight: 250g

This coffee is grown in rich volcanic soils at 1,750 - 1,900 metres above sea level in the hills surrounding the Mount Kenya area, the perfect environment to produce high-quality, top-rated beans. Their mills have an abundance of water which allows the beans to undergo high-end washing methods that showcase the hallmark Kenyan profile.

'AA Plus’ denotes the highest grade on a scale decided by the Kenyan coffee board, the first ‘A’ being cup quality and the second being bean size. The 'Plus' rating is given only to coffees exceeding the standard 17/18 screen size. This is a cup that promises a range of rich and complex flavours, best served as a filter coffee to allow the aromas and flavour notes to come through.

This bean is best enjoyed as a filter coffee, either hot or iced.