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Thailand, Doi Pahee, Chiangrai, Black Honey 998

Thailand, Doi Pahee, Chiangrai, Black Honey 998

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Roast profile: Light medium

Red Wine | Figs | Bright Acidity

Producer: Twenty8 Co
Country: Thailand
Region: Pahee
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Traditional Honey

This premium coffee is cultivated by the Arkhas tribe on Doi Pahee and carefully processed by Twenty8 Co on the same mountain of the coffee's origin.

On the same day of harvest, the cherries are immediately processed beginning with them being cleaned and sorted. They are then rested in natural mountain conditions until they are ready for depulping. After depulping, the coffee beans with the mucilage intact are fermented and then sun-dried on bamboo platforms under the coffee mountain sunshine. They are then rested and stored in their natural parchment in a temperature-controlled facility.

Grown at an altitude of 1200 m.a.s.l.