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Drip Coffee Bags (x10)

Drip Coffee Bags (x10)

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Whether you're on holiday or just need an easy on-the-go cuppa - don't pass up quality coffee for convenience!

Available in a box of 10:
Dark Roast (Dark Chocolate, Dark Molasses & Toasted nuts)
Light Roast (Chocolate, Cashew & Raisins)

How to brew your drip coffee:

Option A - Weighing scale for precision

  1. Evenly wet coffee grounds using 30g hot water, wait 30 seconds for coffee to 'bloom'.

  2. Slowly pour 70g hot water, filling bag to the top

  3. Once 2/3 of the water has dripped through, pour 50g hot water and allow to drip through completely.

Option B - No scale, no worries!

  1. Pour 150ml hot water onto coffee grounds.

  2. Allow water to drip through completely. Remove drip bag and enjoy.

Be your own barista and brew a simple and tasty cuppa wherever you are.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pennapa Saengdara
Drip Coffee Bags Review

Perfectly crafted coffee in the on-the-go package. Best to always have your favourite coffee while travelling!! I ordered all 10 sachets of dark roasted; next time will try medium roast for 5.

วีณา จารุวังสันติ
Great coffee

Easy to brew, the blend is unique and good taste

best coffee

I’ve been looking for good coffee since I came to Bangkok from Japan, and finally I got the best. It's always the best quality.