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Great Coffee for an Aeropress

Found this to be a great coffee in an aeorpress. Full rich flavour, but not at all heavy or bitter. I will definitely buy again.

Seize the day

This is another good choice.

Tiramisu Blend
Atipat Nilchart

Great taste

Forest coffee with lovely aroma

I love forest coffee beans from northern Thailand and enjoyed its sweet and fruity flavor. It’s my new favorite.

Love it!

This is the third time i order this one

Colombia Supremo
Olya Mackie

Colombia Supremo

Fine Organic Coffee

This Sarnies Certified Organic Coffee is high quality with a full flavor. The price is right, and the product is fine. I am happy with this coffee!

Very Nice

Took some time to get the grind right and worth it - although I found the name a little off-putting, the Tirimisu is a great roast.

Honduras Moke Whiskey Aged

Multigrain Sourdough Loaf
Lorraine Lanham
Super yummy hearty bread

This is not the fluffy airy wannabe bread. This is the hearty proper toast of solid sandwich bread. The multigrain was so delicious and so was the olive bread. Both excellent toasted with just a tablespoon of of melty butter. Yum!!!

Sourdough Loaf
Wimwipha Deewan
One of my favorite sourdough place!

Good for gut health. Light, soft and chewy at the insight, crusty on the outside

Boom! I found my coffee.

I tried dozens of locally roasted coffees before landing on Sarnies. And specifically Chocolate for Days. Nothing that came before came close to the taste. It’s been a game changer in how much my family and I enjoy our coffee every day. I grind with a Varia VR2 and brew V60 method. I just love it.

The perfect roast

I love lots of Sarnies (affordable) blended roasts. Tiramisu is definitely a star - bitterness but well balanced. Use it for hand pulled espresso and French press. Yum!

Mixed Box o' Bagels
Nalinphas Sittiwattananon
ซาวโดว์ทำสดใหม่ มาส่งคือหอมมากๆ เนื้อสัมผัสกรอบนอก นุ่มในไม่เหนียว อร่อยมากค่ะ

ซาวโดว์ทำสดใหม่ มาส่งคือหอมมากๆ เนื้อสัมผัสกรอบนอก นุ่มในไม่เหนียว อร่อยมากค่ะ

My favorite coffee blend in Bkk

The first time I had this ice latte at Sarnies, it blew my mind. Finally an ice latte that was bold, smoky and delicious. Now smooth criminal is all I drink, both at sarnies as well as home. Love it !

Sunny Side Up Blend
Nice summer vibes

I love their Thailand bean, so decided to make a try this limited summer blend. It tastes fresh and fruity, great both for pour over (hot/ice) and espresso-based drinks. My new favorite for the hottest season.

Well-balanced coffee beans

This is the best bean for people who like nutty flavors.
And it's a bean that tastes delicious whether you use an espresso machine or a pour over.

Rich and bold

Rich, bold, chocolately notes. Just the kind of coffee to start the morning with.

Sarnies Starter Pack
Patit Witchuwan
Great coffee!

Loved the Mr. Darkside roast, brings up the full flavour against the milk.

Colombia Supremo
Jon Harley
The best coffee hands down

We have tried all the shops in Thailand and this coffee is the best there is. Will be ordering again soon. Columbia is a geat bean!


great coffee, well packaged and sent quickly

Great flavour

I can really taste the flavours as specified in the coffee description. Overall very sweet-tasting coffee. You can tell it is roasted fresh and delivered promptly.

Good taste

Nice and chocolatey. This completes my morning coffee ritual with my partner on our balcony.

Pretty, pretty good

Makes for good aeropress

Great coffee

Lovely blend. Really enjoyed this in a cold latte.