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Myanmar, Shan Estate

Myanmar, Shan Estate

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Green Grapes | Rose Apple | Bright Acidity

Roast profile: Medium 3/5
Acidity: 4/5

Country: Myanmar
Region: Shan Estate
Variety: Catui
Processing: Washed

This particular lot is sourced from the Ywangan region in the Southern Shan State. In Ywangan, coffees come from mostly smallholder producers, with farms no larger than two or three hectares. This coffee is easy going on the palate where the coffee speaks for itself as a well-balanced cup with taste notes of green grape & rose apple highlighted with a bright acidity.

Coffee growing in Myanmar originated in 1885, however in recent years, coffee production has increased exponentially where the Northern Myanmar region has shown great potential in producing large quantities of high-quality Arabica coffee due to its high elevation, high-quality red soils and ample rainfall. They've also recently included the use of better production methods, improved coffee processing techniques and farmer training which has led to higher returns for farmers.

Best enjoyed as an espresso or a long black.

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Customer Reviews

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Jakub Aszendorf


john adams
Pleasant and mild

Mild simple flavors, with quite well ballanced acidity & light bitterness. On the light side, needs at least a double shot if you like some grunt. For me just too simple & light. A bit uninteresting. If you like a not expensive, simple, gentle coffee, this could be for you.