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Papua New Guinea ARUFA Natural

Papua New Guinea ARUFA Natural

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Mango | Apricot

Roast Profile: Medium (Level 3/5)
Acidity: Level 5/5
Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Jiwaka Province
Variety: Typica & Bourbon
Processing: Natural

From its earliest introduction to present day, the arabica gene stock in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is considered to be one of the country’s strongest natural assets and these delicate genetics clearly thrive in PNG’s highlands, which are some of the most virgin and fertile on the planet. The Arufa brews up nice and sweet. It is a blend of coffee purchased in cherry from about 1500 multiple smallholders, with an average farm size of about 1-2 hectares, where the soil is generally sandy loam and loamy clay. This coffee is selectively handpicked; with producers aiming to only pick ‘full maroon Cherries’. The result is an exceptional coffee with a very intense sweetness and a fruity sensory profile with notes of mango and apricot, and a long-lasting aftertaste. They are moved multiple times a day throughout the 1-month drying process to ensure an even and uniform moisture content across the lot. Once the coffee is adequately dried, it is placed into bags and stored in a cool and dry warehouse, hulled, milled, and prepped for export.

This bean is best enjoyed as a filter coffee.

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Customer Reviews

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Antonio Homem
Amazingly aromatic coffee

Was a nice surprise. I prepared a drip coffee using 20gr of Papua New Guinea through a Stag X pour-over device letting the coffee bloom for 1:30 minutes. Total of 280 gr of hot water. The brew took around 5 min. Let it cool down a bit and serve. The sweet aromatIcs that’s what stands out from this coffee with mango and apricot notes. Super nice and pleasant. Highly recommend it.