Brazil, Fazenda Samba 6KG Wholesale

Brazil, Fazenda Samba 6KG Wholesale

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6 x 1KG bags

Red Wine | Soft Macadamia | Molasses

Roast profile: Light medium (Level 3/5)
Acidity: Level 3/5

Country: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Variety: Catucai, Catuai and Acaiá
Processing: Natural Process (Sun-dried)

Fazenda Da Lagoa is rich in culture and history, honoring over 200 years of sustainable coffee practices and tradition. “Samba” is a well-loved coffee, a combination of Catucaí, Catuaí, and Acaiá varieties that have been carefully cultivated and grown to produce a strictly soft fine cup. A balanced sweetness and nutty notes, with a well-rounded acidity and creamy mouthfeel. Grown at an altitude of 1045 m.a.s.l.

Best enjoyed as an espresso or a long black.

Our bulk orders are whole bean only.